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Survivors, Adventures, Explorers!

Prepare for the journey of your life and experience one of the world's most mysterious regions! The Bermuda Triangle is notorious for the vanishing of countless ships and airplanes. Will you survive long enough to reveal its secret?

How to survive open sea conditions!

In any open sea survival situation, dehydration can become your worst nightmare. Hopefully you’ll never face such a scenario outside a survival game!

If you do, never try to drink salt water and most importantly don’t panic! You trained for this in Bermuda – Lost Survival!

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How to purify salt water?

If you ever find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere, your first goal should always be to ensure you have enough clean water to drink. Never drink salt water, as it dehydrates your body even further. Instead you want to use salt water as a resource and purify it in 4 simple steps:

1. Find something you can use as a container and that can hold water. Partially fill it with salt water. Then put an empty can or a jar in the middle of it.

2. Cover the container with a plastic blanket. Make sure evaporating water can’t escape. Put some weight on top of the blanket’s center to pin it down just a bit.

3. Wait for the sun to heat up the container. This might take a couple of hours.

4. The water will evaporate inside the container, leaving the salt at the bottom. The evaporated clean water will drip into the can you placed in the center. You now have clean, drinkable water.

Explore the Bermuda Triangle!

Take a deep breath and dive into the unknown depths of the Bermuda Triangle! Get a first impression of what’s awaiting you with our Early Access trailer!

Explore the Bermuda Triangle!

Keep calm – hug a shark!

Sharks are amazing predators. They have an arsenal of 7 powerful senses. Some species can locate sounds over several kilometers accurately.

Whenever you enter sea water, it’s almost certain that at least one shark knows you are there…

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The 7 Senses of Sharks

…so why haven’t you ever been attacked?

Because sharks don’t attack humans on purpose. They are very smart predators and usually don’t even consider attacking a species that is unknown to them. Like most wild animals, sharks keep their distance and avoid any confrontation with humans. Nevertheless, there are some species of shark, that are more curious or tend to be more aggressive than others.

Whenever you enter sea water, you are in potential shark territory and should act carefully. Sharks can not only hear, smell and see you long before you even have a chance to notice them, they can also sense slight changes in water pressure that you cause with your movements. At closer range, they also sense electric impulses that come with the muscle contraction of any creature in the sharks surrounding.

Sharks in Bermuda – Lost Survival

For Bermuda – Lost Survival we came up with a shark AI that mimics the behavior of real sharks. We want you to be able to observe and learn about the behavior of the wildlife included in the game without having to fear overaggressive, stereotypical killers.

Currently, the game features 2 different species of sharks:

Reef sharks patrol the reefs and from time to time hunt for smaller fish. They don’t tend to be aggressive and most likely will flee whenever you come close. However, while hunting fish at full speed, they might accidently bump into you, which is hurtful and costs some health points.

Tiger sharks are more curious. Depending on an aggressiveness value that is affected by the shark’s hunger, the time of day and by the actions you perform, tiger sharks can attack intentionally. In this case you better have some bandages crafted already!

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Learn all about items, crafting recipes, sharks and more…